Hello, again.


 After a nearly 3 year hiatus from the blog, I’m back! In the Fall of 2013, I began planning to open my dream business, and in February 2014, it happened. Council Studio has been trucking along since then, and we continue to offer wardrobe styling + personal shopping services as well as a storefront with inventory. Since the last post in 2013, I have gotten engaged, married, opened a business, moved across town, and adopted 3 new pets. My husband, Lee, and I now live in Franklin, TN, a suburb of Nashville, with our two cats and two dogs, and a baby on the way! We work in Nashville, and enjoy both cities. Franklin has provided us a slower pace and almost a little getaway within the Nashville area. Lee also opened a business managing Airbnb’s on the side of his full time healthcare job. Needless to say, we have had a lot going on. After finding out we’re expecting a baby, I knew it was time to stop and smell the roses a little more. Life was passing us by, and finding a balance was necessary, in order to prepare for baby and just enjoy life a little more. It’s a tough task, slowing down, when we both are so passionate about our businesses. In some of my “slowing down” I got to thinking more about things I used to do for fun before life was all about work. I started this blog as a fun way to keep my creative juices flowing, and hopefully help with style questions in the process. Lately, I’ve had some friends encourage me to start it back as a way to journal my pregnancy. So many people, including myself, have so many questions when entering into new life experiences such as marriage, business, pregnancy, etc. so I figured I could help to shed some light on things I have found to be helpful throughout my journey thus far. Not every post will be a Q &A, but I love getting questions, so keep ’em coming! Thanks for reading, and enjoy!


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Craving Contrast

jeans detail

All of this NYFW talk has got me thinking about the styles that are classics that continue to be recycled, and the ones that are fads that will have their day in the sun, then go into hiding for (hopefully) forever. Neutral colors, flowing dresses, stripes, the color red- just a few things that will forever be in fashion. Another thing that is timeless and flattering is CONTRAST.  In all design areas- fashion, home decor, architecture, you will always find contrast appealing to the eye; ripped up boyfriend jeans with jeweled heels, for example is a perfect illustration. After all, styling is about creatively pairing things together in a way that works for you- your body, your taste, and your lifestyle. Try to continue contrasting your outfits- with color, fabric, fit- to keep things interesting. You’ll have a better day if you feel like you look good, trust me.

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The Blare by Jimmy Choo


It’s just a bag, right? Wrong. Meet Blare, the bag of the season by Jimmy Choo. Leather, suede, elaphe snakeskin, really any way it’s made is just fine with me. My preference keeps changing; but the truth is, no matter which style you choose, rest assured, the Blare will add an instant chic factor to even jeans and a tee. Not pictured is the military green leather, equally as pleasing as the colors pictured above. The Blare is obsess-worthy simply because it is a feast for the eyes, but factor in the convenient and perfectly sewn quilted side pockets, spacious interior, dual handles, and edgy chains and you have yourself the. perfect. bag.  And to add some icing on top of this immaculate cupcake, it’s price is well below most top designer bags. All handmade in Italy. What’s not to love?