by clare

Q: I recently purchased a pair of red high tops. They are super fun but I could use some fashion advice on what/ how to wear them. What do you think?

A: High tops do a great job of adding playfulness to any outfit, especially in a fun color such as red. You’ve probably already worn them with shorts and jeans, but you can also wear them with casual cotton or knit skirts and dresses. If you’re worried the dress or skirt is too dressy for the high tops, try a ponytail or cross-body bag to keep it toned down. Also wearing all white is super chic, no matter your shoe choice. Pair your high tops with white jeans rolled to the ankle with a white tee and simple jewelry. Add a denim or leather jacket for cooler weather, and enjoy being fun and comfortable in your sneaks!


media thanks to sincerely jules & love maegan !