Accessorizing Men

by clare

Chris Pine in Details

 Men, I know it’s a struggle drawing the line between what’s stylish and what’s trying too hard. I am going to make this really simple for you. Accessories- we’re talking bracelets, necklaces, scarves, hats- are fine for you to wear! Please only wear 1. what you’re comfortable with and feels true to your lifestyle, and 2. what is meaningful. If you have 14 bracelets that are meaningful, pick one or two. You don’t need all 14 on everyday. I understand that Johnny Depp and musicians everywhere like to wear bracelets up to their elbow and necklaces for days, but remember they travel a lot, so they’re probably just cutting down on packing by wearing their jewelry box. In all seriousness, your awesome leather bracelet will get noticed more if it doesn’t have so much competition. Simplicity is hot. Women don’t like to be out-shined by their man. Let us wear the jewelry and have better shoes.

photo here.