quest for fur vest

by clare

Q: I love the idea of a fur vest for Fall, but all of them I have tried have been so bulky. Should I give up?

A: No way! A fur vest isn’t meant to be slimming. It’s a fashion item designed to be an extra layer of warmth, while making you look like a million bucks. There are definitely fur vests out there that are bulkier than others, but just go ahead and plan to streamline the rest of your look in order to help the vest not look quite so bulky. For example, wear it over a fitted dress with dark tights and tall boots, or skinny pants with heels and a silk blouse or fitted tee. What’s underneath your vest should be pretty simple, since the vest will be your statement piece. And unless you’re tall and thin, you’ll want to wear a heel to counteract the bulkiness of the vest.


fur vest