what to wear while growing pregnant

by clare

Q: I am a few months pregnant and don’t know what to wear. Do I have to buy all pregnancy clothes?

A: No way! These days, many women get by using their own clothes, a few new ponchos or over-sized tees and a pair or two of maternity jeans or pants. And maxi dresses work wonderfully, since they usually have a lot of excess space in the skirt. Go through your closet, pulling out everything that fits that description. Even slouchy boyfriend jeans can be worn just under the stomach with a tunic until you’re big enough for maternity jeans. Add a scarf or jacket to hide any areas that are pulling, and as long as your comfortable, and nothing is obviously too-tight, you’re good to go. Make sure to wear lower, secure shoes to avoid tripping or falling, and jazz up your jewelry since that always fits!

growing pregnant