wrists + ankles

by clare

Q: What’s an easy way to make suits more flattering? I have to dress up for work and don’t know how to do it stylishly.

A: First, unless you’re required to wear suits, a nice pair of  pants and blouse will do the trick and probably feel more like you. Ankle pants and rolled sleeves are a girls best friend. Simply put, show your wrists and ankles as often as you can. They’re the smallest parts of your body and make you look slimmer. This is one of my favorite rules for office dressing. Take a boring pair of black pants and a button up blouse, have your tailor cut the pants off just above the ankle, and roll the sleeves to show your wrists, and you are instantly 10 lbs thinner. Heels help, too.  Also, it helps to wear a favorite piece of jewelry- not too much at the office, but something that makes you feel you aren’t totally altering your style for work.

photo here.

photo here.