closet makeover

by clare

Q: I would love help with my closet, but I’m afraid you’ll toss 90% of it. How does a closet makeover work?

A: That’s the big myth! My goal is to use as much of your current closet as I can to make new and different outfits that you can wear in at least 3 settings. Take for example that button up shirt in the back of the closet. I will help you pair it with a fun skirt for a day at the office, a pair of white jeans and wedges for a Saturday lunch, or sleeves rolled, and hem tied over shorts and a swimsuit at the pool. We will decide on accessories that suit your style, and continue from there. I may suggest tossing items that look especially worn, or items that do not fit or flatter you and aren’t worth altering. Items that we agree should be tossed will be donated or consigned, so you may even make some extra cash from consignment pieces. After we go through, and I can really grasp your style, I will suggest a few things to add to your closet that will enhance your existing pieces. You’ll get a detailed email after the closet makeover with links to these suggestions. I work with your personal style and budget to create a closet you’ll be happy to show off!

I can also help you start a “Look Book” with photos of outfits, so that when you wake up in the morning you can simply open your book and pick out an outfit! No more standing in front of the closet with a blank stare!

closet makeover