by clare

Q: I have long legs, and every dress feels short. How short is too short?

A: I am a mere 5’3″, so I envy you. Alas, the grass is always greener. I honestly still find myself using the fingertips rule from school. With shoulders relaxed, let your arms hang naturally by your side, and see where your fingertips are; this should end up being around mid-thigh. This length is NOT work appropriate….or funeral, or church, or any function that is not considered a “relaxed” environment. Otherwise, it’s fine. You notice this more than anyone else, but you are right to be concerned. Go with your gut, if it feels too short, it probably is. You can also switch from heels to flats to make the ensemble more appropriate.

photo here.

Too Short vs. OK length.

It’s smart to wear a more appropriate neckline when you’re concerned about the length of your dress. (See above).