by clare

Q: I’m thinking about getting a pixie cut, but I’m scared it’ll be difficult to do different styles or dress it up for formal events. Should I continue growing it out, or cut it off? And if I do cut if off, how do I grow it out without looking awful?

A: A pixie cut is very edgy and chic. It’s easy to style, but you will be limited on how many ways you can style it. Basically, the cut is the style. You can add a simple headband, or slick it back for more formal occasions. However, you first need to decide if  this style will look okay with your face shape. If you have a strong jawline and a neck you’re willing to show off, go for it!  As it grows out it will slowly take the shape of a bob. You’ll have to get more frequent cuts than you’re used to in order to help it keep some shape as it grows, but I think why not cut it? It’s a fun way to experiment with your style and it will always grow out. It will be fun to experiment with earrings and eye makeup, since there’s no hiding your face or ears. Take the plunge!

photo here.

photo here.

As it grows out, you can shape it into one of the styles above.

(I vote for the two on the left)!

photo here.

Even Audrey Hepburn rocked the pixie!